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Today was the first day of SupaNova in Sydney and it was AWESOME. Karl's talk (I hesitate to call it a panel as he wasn't behind a desk) was GQMFing hilarious and involved him fellating the microphone. Also, someone asked what it was like working with Zachary Quinto and this weird smothered giggle crossed the room and he was like "what? what?" Also, he wore a beautiful sweater-vest.

Luckily for you, I filmed the whole thing. It's 45 mins long, so I can't youtube it, but I will put it on MegaUpload asap (possibly in a few hours). I will be filming his talk tomorrow as well (will be different material as it was pretty much a Q and A. So if people ask new questions, it should be totally different.)

Aside from that.. After his talk it was almost closing time so I'd decided to go to the autograph booth tomorrow - I will be seeing him again tomorrow anyway for a photograph oppurtunity which should be cool (but I still maintain that I find convention ettiquete really weird because the celebs I'm used to meeting are bands where it's like, you want a photo, you have a chat and just myspace-angles-snap one on your camera. I saw him walking around twice and knowing I couldn't do that was totally not what I am used to) and I didn't think he'd be returning to sign that day. But he was, and I went past and there were only two people in the line, so I popped in and got something signed...

In other circumstances I'd apologise for the lensflare but I know it just improves matters around here.

But you guys, sadly I don't think he lurks here because he didn't know what an underscore was. Me and the woman looking after him were both like yelling. He also innuedoed me about 'doing it on the table' which was great fun and we talked a bit about something he discussed in the panel, which I'll post about when I post the video!!!

Also, I didn't meet any comm members that I didn't already know IRL, what did you guys get up to?

eta eta eta:

Seeing as its not looking like I’ll get to upload the video for a few days: some main, urgent, points of info you might like to know, besides the fact that he is HILARIOUS, I mean completely crackers, taking the piss out of people who didn’t make sense, taking the piss out of himself, and dirty as fuck. I can’t type out all his jokes, please do download the vids when I upload them. But the important stuff:

The sequel is being written now and they hope to start shooting mid-end 2010

I don’t know if this has been discussed, but it’s news to me? You know how in our Trek, he gets the nickname Bones from Kirk re: that line about his wife? That was his idea. The line originally ended with ‘took the whole damn planet’ and Karl had the idea add the ‘all I got left is my Bones’ – thus introducing the nickname. JJ adored it so it was added to the script. This is what I spoke to him at the signing about, I was like “I was stoked to hear that, cause I was really interested in that whole situation, cause its definitely been discussed that Kirk calling him Bones for that reason is like, wow, rubbing salt in the wounds, wow, he is an inconsiderate dick! Which really fits with Chris’s Kirk..’ and his volunteer staff minder got involved at this point and said she totes agreed – I think she was having a fun day hanging out with him, and Karl was like ‘what is interesting is that’s totally true and I know that and you know that but Bones might not even know that’s where Jim got the name from, that he might not even remember the conversation, so he hasn’t even thought about it like that!” I’m not gonna lie, that little snippet of intense discussion made my week.

When he met Mr. Nimoy’s wife, she told him that when Mr. Nimoy first saw Karl come on as Bones, he cried, because of DeForest Kelley.

He pretty much sucked up to everyone at Paramount to get remembered and into casting meetings – but as soon as he did his screen-test, he knew he had it – halfway through was like ‘what is that sound?’ and he looked over and it was JJ, pissing himself laughing. And then he went out and got loaded in celebration.

Zach’s a scary genius and a prankster, apparently.

Er, apparently this thing is a 1.5gig AVI file… anyone know what I should convert it into in order to make it smaller? Or would you be happy to d/l something over 1 gig? Your average episode of 40 minute television is usually only 500MB, max.. why is this so damn huge. Halp?
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