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Supanova, Having achieved this, I feel I can conquer the world!

Last day of Supanova, and I couldn't help but show off the incredible achievement that is my Karl Urban autograph dedicated solely to everyone here. After getting this I feel I have accomplished all I could in life.

He laughed when he saw what I had him sign :D

Since it was the end of the day I also got to beg a hug from the man. YESSSSSS.
There was an embarrasing moment when I was in his arms wrapped in his beautifully tailored, body hugging, pin stripe suit and being close enough to smell his cologne where I seriously felt I could die of bliss. I GOT A HUG FROM KARL URBAN AND IT WAS AWESOME. *DANCE OF JOY*

I was the girl walking around as Chihiro from Spirited Away On Saturday and Howl from Howl's Moving Castle on Sunday. I even sucked it up and went for his autograph in costume and thus got some super strange looks, probably even from the man himself.

Now I'm gonna go and get this shit laminated.

Tags: fan signs, karl urban/mccoy/bones
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