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Online Sample Sales: Relevant to your interests. Kinda.

Hello darlings!

Leave it to me, your trusty MFing fashionista who loves menswear and is a total research nerd, to answer your pressing question:

(You were wondering, weren't you? Since the fashion face off? I knew it!)

Why, I myself -- just yesterday -- actually paused the interview with the costume designer in the "So Notorious" DVD extras to see if I could read the tag. Sadly, it wasn't legible.

Well! Randomly, today, on one of the myriad fashion sample sale sites out there, I spotted a ton of totes adorbs gents knitwear and jackets on offer from a label called Brown Sound. I took one look at the sweaters and was all like, "OMG, I just know these are the people put out all that ridic knitwear Quinto wore on 'So Notorious'!!"

And! Googling 'brown sound owl sweater' led me right to...

a confirmation, in of all places, a fashion shoot in Venus Zine from winter 2005... That guy has nothing on our dear ZQ, clearly!

Anyway, looks like Brown Sound is still around (almost surprising in this economy, really) and will have a fall/winter 09-10 collection, but their blog hasn't been updated in ages. (And it doesn't look like they're doing as elaborate pieces anymore either, sadly.) And, though I could not find the precious owl sweater at any of my secondhand or consignment resources, other items from previous seasons are floating around on eBay and on the virtual clearance racks at upscale online boutiques catering to fashionable young men. They're quite nice overall! (And, um, yeah -- I've totally set up an eBay search to see if I snag the owl at some point. I'm going to cut it down into a cardigan for myself! The joys of being a sweater fiend!)

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