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Report back from George Takei's presentation! OMFG AWESOMENESS

(Second posting attempt because I totally fail at remembering to re-size before the cut. Ah well...)


(I still haven't fixed the time stamp or date on my camera, sorry)

It was fantastic and a complete 180 from the oddity that was the Avery Brooks
panel! We were allowed to take photos but couldn't use the flash, so I didn't
fare very well with non-flash photos. So, um, I don't really have any. Except
Photobucket from the very end of the presentation
when he was leaving and everyone turned their flashes back on. lol

There were a fair number of professional photographers there and apparently Mr.
Takei was on My Fox Philly this morning! I found the clip for you guys.

Mr. Takei talked about the importance to society of Gene Roddenberry's vision,
some of the political implications of Star Trek (Cold War, 60s turmoil, the
changing face of society today and what that means for the future in the context
of the reality presented on Star Trek, President Obama, former President George
W. Bush- that particular answer was LOLtastic and the audience reaction was
funny as hell). It was a really, really interesting presentation and the
audience questions in the second part were very good, as well.

(you'll need to turn your sound up for all of the vids, as my camera records
kind of quiet if I'm too far away)

He told a lot of really funny stories, most notably the back story behind the
fencing scene in The Naked Time. (the video starts out with the end of a
conversation about The Sulu Song or dance or whatever?!)

In this clip, the questioner asked him what he thought about the casting of John

Bonus video- Takei's introduction.

As for the autograph and ontd_startrek name drop?

I ended up using shaxophile's creation (thanks to everyone who offered ideas and input!)
and my boss was kind enough to offer up her printer at work this morning so it
would look as nice as possible. I OWE my boss BIG TIME because it took a lot of
ink and since I got the highest grade glossy paper I could find/afford, it kept
getting stuck in her printer because of its thickness. lol I'm not sure how much
ink she went through trying to print it but I think it was a lot. She kept her
promise though and had it for me by the end of the day. It came out great! I
think I should buy her a card or something.

Anyway OMFG I WAS SHAKING SO BAD. I was SO nervous the entire night because the
picture has a freakin' rainbow with the word "stunning" on it but it was too
awesome to NOT use, so I had to go for it. I felt like I was going to either
faint or puke. Or maybe both. It was like past nervousness to actual fear, I
think. When it was my turn to go up to the table, I probably had a look of utter
terror on my face or something. lunasol and riookierin (<---fellow GQMF!) should get much of the credit for this
picture actually getting signed because they put up with my panicked text
messages all night and made sure I didn't wuss out (or pass out) on you guys!

I was just so afraid I would offend him and he'd punch me in the face or
something and then I'd get kicked out and I would just CRY if that happened and
George Takei hated me. D: I was so close to just having him sign the
outside of the folder in which I was keeping the picture. LOL But lunasol assured me that she would hit me the next time she saw me
if I did that. So I didn't.

So, without further ado, here is a scan of the signed picture and the video
footage to go with it. I apologize for the shaking camera but, well, my
hand was shaking because I was so nervous and I was holding the camera
left-handed and trying to look at George Takei while keeping him in frame
without looking at the camera, which I sort of managed to do. Whatever. I
tried. :P The important part is that he loved the picture and it made him laugh!
:D Awesome work shaxophile!!!


Brad (that's his partner's name, right?) was also there, as you can see in the
video. He apparently knew the two gentlemen in line directly in front of me, as
he came over to talk to them several times. I wanted to take a picture but that
would have looked hella lame and kinda rude, so I refrained. XD He was SUPER
nice and was thanking everyone for coming and wishing us a good evening as we

And that was my night! Got home at close to 11PM and my back is killing me but
it was worth it. :3

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