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The Gold Standard: Diabetes Walk - with photos!

The Gold Standard does the Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes 2009 walkathon

Here we are at the walkathon...there were hundreds of people there (and so many puppies, omg)! It was very exciting.

magickalmolly (me) and fly_boy_jon (Jon), AKA, our resident Red Shirt. Will he survive the walk? Dun dun DUN. Tune in next week to find out.

Me and kelbebop (Kel)...and Jon. He totally photobombed us. Dude!

All right, that's better. Aren't we awesome? Gold Shirts represent! :D

This poster was set up for walkers/runners to sign the names of the people they were walking/running for.

You guys helped us raise $815.00! ontd_startrek totally deserved a shout-out.

And here's me with the list of ontd_startrek GQMFs who asked us to walk for them, or their family members, all of whom have diabetes.

The list, lovingly carried with us throughout the entire walk.

And speaking of walking...Jon!

And Kel!

And me! Jon took this photo over his shoulder...showoff. ;)

But oh nos! At the end of our walk, our Red Shirt suddenly collapsed! ...guess we'll just have to split his giftbag. ;)

The two survivors!

Go go team Gold Standard! Exhausted, but victorious.

disclaimer: No Red shirts were harmed before, during, or after the 5K walk. We promise.

And hey, guys, there's still time to donate to our team for the American Diabetes Association. We can take donations until October 31st!

We've raised $815.00 $910.00 $1,015!

If you can donate, go to our team page, right here: The Gold Standard. Thank you!

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